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athalie mobile phone pochette "everyday" newly released




Here is a question for the readers: how many of you have begun using cashless payments with the current situation of the world in 2021? Then the second question: has any of you wondered what you should put in your handbag to keep it full, now that all you need is your mobile phone and maybe a lipstick? You can now say goodbye to carrying big handbags, thanks to modern technology, and since summer is coming who wouldn’t want to keep it light and easy? The problem might be that although there are many phone cases available at various stores, when you care about the craftsmanship, material and design, it seems to narrow down the choices to a few.


With the collaboration with Hirata Fukuromono Kogei (English translation: Hirata Bag Craft Lab), Lemmikko, and artists such as Conley Harris, athalie’s “Everyday” phone cases brings the values of craftsmanship to the modern-day lifestyle. Hirata Fukuromono Kogei is known for their beaded bags, historically favored by the Japanese royal family. It is now the only company left in Japan that sources their production 100% in Japan, from beading to assembling the bag. Lemmikko is an embroidery atelier in Tokyo that was established by two designers who was inspired and trained from the French mode techniques and design.


The phone cases were also featured on the July issue of Fujingaho, with the recommendation from Akiko Aoyama, the wife of the famous Japanese butoka Hanayagi Juraku III and a self-proclaimed Japanese culture enthusiast. The ready-made phone cases from the “Everyday” collection are available from ¥49,500, but with a 1 month wait, you could also order a one-of-a-kind case with a hand-painted kimono belt fabric by an artist.


My personal favorite from the collection is the pineapple phone case that features a beautiful and summery embroidery work from Lemmikko. The embroidery on a crisp white canvas adds a pop of color in a minimalistic design, and it makes you want to drink a Piña Colada because let’s face it – we are all waiting for the beaches to open again, to meet-up with our friends to discuss the latest fashion finds.