| athalie |  火 ~ 金 10:00-18:00(土日月祝休) 東京都港区南青山6-6-25  tel. 03-3400-5744
| athalie |  火 ~ 金 10:00-18:00(土日月祝休) 東京都港区南青山6-6-25  tel. 03-3400-5744
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About athalie



山脇敏子 - 山脇芙蓉 - 山梨淑子 - 平山寛子。

そして四世代の時をかけ、審美眼を鍛えぬいた四人の女性の感性が結実するひとつの場所として athalie は生まれました。

今日 athalie は、お客さまへの装いをご提案するためだけの場所ではありません。そこは敏子に始まる山脇の歴史を次世代へと継承しつつ、誇りと敬意をもってその伝統ある美意識にモダンを融合させるダイナミックな感性の方舟でもあります。洗練を理解する女性のとこしえなる輝きのために積み込まれた一品は、日本の骨董、和装具。気品あるシノワズリーからミッドセンチュリー・ファニチャー。フェミニンな都会のニュアンスを映し出すシーズン・モードにジュエリー。

伝統と信用を織り込んだ athalie という感性を青山・骨董通りへご訪問ください。



| 会社概要 |

設立 1964年2月
代表者 平山寛子
所在地 東京都港区南青山6-6-25
資本金 1,375万円
tel.  03-3400-5744
fax. 03-3486-089
事業内容  ギャラリー事業・インテリア・アート作品の販売・服飾品及び服飾小物の販売


what is athalie?

, located in Minami Aoyama Kotto-dori (antique street), was established in 1964 by Yoshiko Yamanashi. The select store has been a forefront in introducing cutting-edge European high-fashion including accessories, jewelry, bags, and interior decors. The over 50-year-old establishment continues to open its doors to customers seeking for something special, with its open spacious windows showcasing the luxury clothing. The aesthetic of athalie, athalism, has been passed down through generations and the brand continues to share its spirit to the world through the unique pieces.  

athalie is a manifestation of the creativity that has been passed on for four generations, traced back to almost a century ago, when Toshiko Yamawaki first introduced European fashion and aesthetics to Japan in 1928. This was a time when the ‘modern’ western influences were reserved as luxury for the upper class, and Toshiko Yamawaki led the trend with the boutique Azare in Ginza. Her daughter, Fuyo Yamawaki continued to introduce the newest European designs and trends to Japan, after her educations in Parsons at New York City. 

The legacy is passed on to Yoshiko Yamanashi, who founded athalie in 1964. Yoshiko Yamanashi, established athalies brand as a lifestyle salon for upper class women. She took inspiration from European high fashion to establish her own aesthetics, and applied it to Eastern art and fashion. 

The matriarch line was passed on next to Hiroko Hirayama Representative Director of athalie Ltd. and current owner of athalie. Hiroko Hirayama has brought her own spin on the family business by producing art and jewelry exhibitions, collaborations with Japanese designers such as Tomoumi Ono, and providing opportunities to young artists and designers.

 For those who may wonder what exactly is athalie, you will experience an immersion of gallery-like spaces mixed with atmosphere of a salon and high-quality fashion and art pieces when you step into the store. There is designer clothing on the rack, crystal ornaments in the showcase, and tasteful artworks displayed, all curated by the owner. Some may call it a select store, But athalieis much more than that; it is a place where fashion, art and interior design come together to propose a lifestyle for the customers who appreciate the finer things in life.

With the age of new normal, the situation in athalie is gradually changing as well however, and the business is shifting to the digital platform. As the bar grows higher for customers to enjoy the physical experience of the store, athalie will now pass on the knowledge and experience of the lifestyle and cutting-edge art and fashion digitally.